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International Shipping

Our international shipping prices are per box. Because there are many different bottle sizes the webshop will tell you when you've reached a full shipping box by the price of shipping.

We don't ship to the U.K and Belgium

Duitsland 12.95

International shipping conditions:

1. All our products are subject to VAT within the EU.
2. Charges for customs clearance are for the customer. We do not have control over such charges. Parcels may also be opened for inspection what may cause a delay in delivery.
3. Please note that the customs of your country may damage or destroy the parcel. This is not our repsonsibility and no refund will be given.
4. Parcels returned by customs or any authorities will be refunded with the exception of shipping fees.
5. Please check your local government/customs for further information about importing alcoholic beverages.
6. We will ship to your country at the customer's risk and we cannot guarantee delivery.
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